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Tecnofar: Centro Inox

We have briefly told you the long history of stainless steel, but now we come back to the present, in Gordona, the Tecnofar headquarter.

Here tubes, needles and high quality assembly machines have been produced for years and especially based on clients needs. 

In its factories, the Valtellinese company uses different types of stainless steel depending on the product to be produced but to do this, it is important to be constantly updated with all the searches about this wonderful material and about all variants that are produced.

With this aim, Tecnofar has become a member of Centro Inox: an association that is composed of the major stainless steel producers that are involved in the production of sheets, strips, bars, tubes, profiles, etc. 

In order to keep up to date, this association provides advice with data and technical information about the physical and mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance properties, on the technology of processing and installing stainless steels, as well as on the most current and useful applications in all sectors of consumption. 

Centro Inox helps affiliated companies to select the best alloys for their production, focusing especially on their quality. For members also it provides statistical data and specific market research for different stainless steel products and application areas. In addition to research on materials, companies are provided with assistance on rules and laws concerning the use of stainless steel. 

Through its company, Centro Inox Servizi srl organizes training courses, educational seminars and provides a specific and ongoing advice.

For all reasons listed above, Centro Inox is the ideal partner for a company like Tecnofar that makes the pursuit of perfection, one of its most important quality. 

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